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hows all?
its been forever and alots happened.
but i dont have the memory to re-enact it all.


this school is fucked, but its better than st. Dikes (sorry, all of those who care)
as you may have realised yesturday was 420, and omg...nvm. it was just weird.
Nick and i had the biggest fight yet (mind you there hasnt been alot of them)so that was a major letdown. we ended up fighting, like, physically. and he kicked my assssss, but i nailed him in the chest with my foot. so he has a foot mark across it. but that doesnt matter

weve been going out(officially) since december yeah

hmm. NIck got kicked out of scool....30 min ago

i have 2 periods at scool. 2nd and 3rd
math and careers
its weird. but nice
i need to get a job,
but my income is due to the contant buying and selling of drugs and whatnot

life is weird.

on st.patricks day, my enimic(sp?) friend drank a 40oz of rum and went to the hospital. which was fun... i was dodging vomit all night.
cops are contantly patrolling my street now (really nicks street, but im there 110% of the time.)...its gay

we egged some bitches house across the street with 2 cartons of eggs, cause she called the cops on us while pulling a giant mirror from the neighers pile of shit at the end of the street. bitch called me a tramp...

i dont know. i cant think of anything else worth telling.

ill try updating again more, but i dont have easy acces to computer anylonger.

tata for now.

Jay (formaly known as Jess)
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