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Finally uplaoded some of my pictures, wasnt how i wanted to do it but i did it, ill try and get the rest later.


this is me (with my messy hair) and my Nickolas. its the dead of winter. very chilly. Oh Nick also has 2 eyebrow thingers done. not one.

I Have Green hair, not anymore of course. but it didnt look to bad then.

Sassy. this is the prescious little kitty i was talking to Alex about. isnt it adorable? of course it is.

Gay Jesse and Dave.

Mikey. he got expelled long ago. hes a sweetheart. he got me FuCkEd up with Dave first day of scoolio.

Blair. hes a bloody pothead, obviously. although recently hes turned his head towards drinking. ahh, those whisky nights.

Crackhead Ian. hes our buddy down the street. he looks a bit different now though... less preppy.
oh and his Kitty Sassy. from before.

From when i dyed my hair black.. again.

Nickolas' pipes that make me happy in the pants. i need a more recent peekture though. they look to small and out of date in this one. -realizes hes not flexing-....

And i have Bloo hair.

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