Jessycwa [save it bitch] (melting_hearts) wrote,
Jessycwa [save it bitch]

summer was fucking sick mutha fucka

long time, no entry.

i see almost everybody doesnt use this shit anymore.
for those that do...
anything decent happen over the summer?

i dont got much. i didnt really do anything i planned on doing the other 10 months of the year we are not free.

i got a NiCe pipe.
from a rave 2 weeks ago, cops came and busted the rave so anyone that stayed got a free pipe. its crazy cool, changes colour (blue) the more you smoke it. i got it clear, now its a healthy shade of navy.

STFU2 mother fuckas - i met like 3 people from k-ville there.

omg Techno Church. Rave in a church. they spun the cross. yeah baby.

went to nicks campground for two weeks after Blueskies.

EVER. i cant emphazise any more.
its a weekend of 1000 people gettting drunk and smoking bongs and hookas and 4 foot long joints.
anywho so the camping was kinda boring but we went raccoon hunting. that was fun. nick killed one with a coke can.

not much else

...scool blows.
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